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Pregnant and Medical Support Pillow with Whole Body Support

Pregnant and Medical Support Pillow with Whole Body Support

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Dolum Materyali
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Comfortable Touch

Kinderhug's Cotton Satin Pregnancy Pillow accompanies you at every step of your motherhood journey. This specially designed pillow combines the naturalness of cotton and the smoothness of satin, providing the comfort and support you need during pregnancy. It gently hugs your body with its soft texture and ergonomic structure, thus providing a comfortable sleeping environment for you and your baby.

A Painless Sleep

Kinderhug Cotton Satin Pregnancy Pillow is designed to offer both physical and emotional comfort. Thanks to its supportive structure throughout the night, it relieves back and leg pain, thus allowing you to wake up more rested and energetic in the morning. As Kinderhug, we are with you in this new and exciting period of your life. This pillow is not just a sleep aid, but also a friend who will be a part of your special journey.

Bead Fiber Filling

We fill our products with first quality bead fiber for a comfortable sleep. Designed for pregnant women, the Kinderhug maternity pillow is filled with 2 kilograms of naturally hypoallergenic, ultra-soft breathable fiberfill. Our finely woven maternity sleeping pillows strike the perfect balance between support and comfort and are a great option for expectant mothers.

Multi-Purpose Use

The Jumbo Size Pregnancy Pillow is also perfect for individuals experiencing waist and back pain. After birth, this perfect pillow can be used as a bouncer for your baby.

Washable Zippered Outer Cover

Our specially designed pregnancy pillow is produced using two layers of cotton fabric: lining and outer cover. Our cotton fabrics are soft and comfortable to feel. The cover of our pregnant pillow, which has a zippered closure feature, can be easily removed and washed and dried in the washing machine.

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Premium Design

Combining the pros of traditional body pillows, Kinderhug provides you with a relaxing and supportive sleep as your belly grows with its J-shaped pregnancy pillow. The ergonomically designed shape can fit your body perfectly and provide solid support for your aching shoulders, numb arms, growing belly, tight back and swollen feet.

No More Waist Pain

Scientific research shows that; Placing a bolster between the legs while sleeping also helps align the pelvis and hips. This reduces compression and, as a result, also reduces the constant discomfort in this area caused by poor weight distribution of the body, especially while sleeping.